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Hello & Welcome!

I've been exploring photography since 1981 and, after a portfolio submission in various categories, became a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society in 1992. I ran a part-time portraiture studio shooting mainly colour negative & reversal film and also worked extensively in monochrome where I had total control of processing and printing in my B&W darkroom.

I started using Nikon DSLRs in 2005 and currently use a Nikon D810, shooting almost exclusively in RAW. I currently post-process and catalogue images in Lightroom and also use PhotoShop for minor tweaking, fine detail or artistic finishing.

For me, photography documents and explores the experiences, signatures and  consequences of life through light, tone, colour and form. I shoot a wide range of subjects, styles and categories which  include: Travel, Landscape, Street & Documentary, Portrait & Candid, Structures & Architecture, Aviation and Aerial photography.

I consider & undertake a range of commissions such as press assignments, business portfolios & events, portraiture and copy / restoration work,

I'm also a qualified               who mentors according to a person's requirements and needs - from fundamental concepts through to more complex compositional, lighting and processing techniques - but always with an emphasis on photography as being primarily an art form.

Thank you for visiting and taking interest and it would be great to hear from you via the Contact form if you have any requirements for my images and / or services, or if you just want to give some feedback.

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