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Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Welcome to my Blog.

If you've checked out my About and Portfolio pages you'll understand that my passion for photography is an important part of my life's journey, a journey which has arrived here, where I can celebrate that ongoing journey through images and words.

You may find we have a lot in common and you may equally find that we have many differences, but all those things teach us to appreciate each other and reassess the lens we see life through.

Photography and travel are valuable ways to experience personal enrichment. They both ask us to question our views and perspectives; to effectively reassess and change the world within ourselves as we're touched by the richness of nature, culture, human ingenuity and new experiences.

These images, therefore, aren't just documents of the things I have experienced but also pastiches of my own inner journey. In that sense they are stories; of our planet, of human culture, of my life and of the lives of others.

Selfies, snapshots, auto-processed photographs and click-bait content may have their own purpose and value, but you're unlikely to find such things here. Every image is individually considered and worked in the hope that viewers and readers alike will not just enjoy them, but that they might also be encouraged and inspired by what they see and read. My hope is that they open you up to the wealth of possible experiences which lay beyond our usual lives.

Please do Sign Up (see top of this page) to receive periodic updates via email. I hope my work will inspire you to travel with purpose, without and within.


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Danny Ward
Danny Ward
Dec 20, 2023

Some great photography, Paul. A mystery what may draw us in; the image or the eye of the beholder. Your Pagham field has a particular magic for me. There is an evocation, perhaps of something beyond. More so than your more exotic locations? The fence...? it's tactile quality within arms reach? I like the questions as much as the, perhaps impossible, answer.


Nov 30, 2021

I'm in ! Anything artistic normally goes over my head but these images/photos are beautiful!!


Carl Zimmatore
Carl Zimmatore
Nov 03, 2021

Love your work Paul. Especially nice looking at the travel pictures, brings back some memories for me!!

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